Certified Services Safety Inspector

Professional Services Safety Inspector

Handyman - If you do not have someone to correct or fix a hazard, in most cases I can perform these services for a very reasonable fee.

How Safe Is Your Home? Join the Home Safety Movement...

Almost all homes have locations where an accident is just waiting to injure you or a loved one

Think about it, most likely you already aware of some hazards.  You train yourself to avoid them.  One day, the hazard causes you to fall.  Now you are on your way to the hospital thinking that I should have fixed that problem long ago.  The hospital bill, the pain and recovery time, it’s just not worth leaving hazards laying around.  I can almost guarantee that there are many more that need immediate attention.

Professional Home Safety Inspection and handyman Services
Hilton Head Island
Beaufort, SC
Savannah, GA Areas


My Home Safety Assessment Includes a 240-Point Assessment of all rooms and the exterior of your home. A written assessment of safety hazards and recommended solutions is included. Click on the button below to request information and/or schedule an appointment.

Protect Yourself From Hazards At Home


Hazard Centers Bathrooms Kitchen Area Stairs


No Professionals available?
at least perform a do-it-yourself home safety assessment!

Free Home Safety Checklist Provided by Home Safety SmartCheck

Check out our CHECKLISTS!!! Home Safety Smart Checks have several lists for you to choose from that you may download & save, or you may simply print off to post on your fridge. Print the one you need and walk through your home as you check each item off & make safety changes as needed. There are Room-by-Room checklists for the elderly or older adult and one for children. There are checklists for home maintenance & emergency preparedness.  It is recommended you contact a licensed professional in-home maintenance in needed repairs or inspection before trying yourself for your safety and the safety of others in your home.

Many of the checklists are condensed & it is recommended that you refer to that section on the website as needed for more details to make safety changes in more detail.

POST checklists on your fridge for monthly & seasonal reminders.

POST emergency information sheets on your fridge!!

Choose the category you need rather it be older adult or infant/child. There are several checklists to choose from and here is a list of the different ones.

Choose from one of the 4 Categories of Checklists:

  1. Home Maintenance
  2. Child Safety
  3. Older Adult safety OR elderly safety
  4. Emergency safety & security

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