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Tough Decisions in Care of Elderly Loved Ones: Dignity | Safety | Quality of Life | A Guide for Caregivers - Audio Book

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Many of us caregivers face uncertain future, while caring and providing for our elderly loved ones. Being responsible for the needs and care of an elderly loved one can be a difficult role that many of us do willingly, but it requires a lot of patience, time, energy, tenderness, and hard work. We often need to make decisions which are life-altering for our loved ones and for our own selves and, at times, are not pleasant or easy.

Tough Decisions in the Care of Elderly Loved Ones is an invaluable, practical, and sympathetic guide to how to give your loved one the best possible care, while addressing the concerns that you or other carers may have. This straightforward guide includes practical tips, real-life scenarios, checklists for best practice, advice and solutions to common problems, and expert advice on how to deliver compassionate and dignified care to older people.

In this book, Mahesh Moolani, MD, objectively divides the tough situations into four categories and tackles each category in a straightforward way. He offers professional support and guidance on how to maintain a work/ life/ caring balance and better care for your elderly loved ones. These decisions have to be made with compassion, knowledge, and an objective mind.

After listening to the book, you will feel as if someone is holding your hand while you make those tough decisions.


Smart Caregiver Economy Wireless Monitor and Motion Sensor

Amazon customer reviews average 4.3 out of 5 stars. Text from Amazon follow: Smart Caregiver’s Economy Cordless Monitor and Motion Sensor system offers caregivers great value & flexibility in wireless monitoring. The wireless motion sensor communicates directly with the wireless Economy Monitor. No other devices are required. Set up is quick and easy. You can add more wireless motion sensors, wireless nurse call buttons, wireless chair or bed sensor pads – up to six total. You can mount with provided mounting tape or screws. Bed mounting: mount motion sensor 6” to 8” from edge of bed at floor level. Above door mounting: Rotate the motion sensor down so it’s facing the floor. By mounting the motion sensor above the door you are able to monitor when someone leaves the room.


Eldercare Confidential: Cautionary Tales for Adult Caregivers and Caretakers of Parents and Spouses Audible Audiobook

Amazon writes:  Eldercare Confidential is for the caregivers and caretakers who are often thrust into the role of fiduciary, either by legal appointment or by assuming the role because of their relationship to the elderly person who needs caretaking. Typically, this is a close relative, like a parent. The duties of a fiduciary spelled out by laws include loyalty and reasonable care of the assets within custody. This is more than a moral responsibility; this is a legal obligation.


Smart Caregiver Wireless Bed Alarm System - Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Alarm Pad (10” x 30”) with Remote Alert Monitor,

Amazon customer reviews rate this product at 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 90 customer ratings (July 2020)  Amazon’s product description follow:  The Smart Caregiver Bed Alarm System is an excellent bed alarm and fall prevention system designed for elderly patients dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The sensor pad sends a signal to the wireless alarm when the patient gets up from the bed, alerting the caregiver their assistance is needed.  A similar product is marketed as a chair alarm system.  Click on the picture below for additional information.



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