Accidents, Falls, Tripping, Pain, Death, Recovery, Hospitalization, Rehabilitation, Broken Bones, Head Injury – Desirable? No! – Avoidable? Yes!


Home Safety Inspections - But First - Home Safety Short Story

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  • Each Post begins with this short story. I am trying to connect with my visitors about the serious need to look at personal and home safety, at every age.

Short Story Follows:

I plan to remain in my home forever!  Great, does your home have a plan to let you live there forever?  Great question.  Homes do not have plans but hazards around the home do!

I am in my 40’s, 50s or 60s, I get around simply fine.  Currently, I do not see a need to make my home safer.  Why spend money when I am just fine?  Some visitors relate well to this.

Others relate to this little story:  Mom and Dad had to make some changes when their mobility and balance issues started, but they are a lot older.  It was rough on them for a few months as the workers modified their bathrooms, added a ramp, and widened some doorways.  It was hard to see them struggling with the daily chores until the home modification made their home safe again.  I will never forget Mom saying, “I never thought a fall would happen to me”.     

Home safety, for many it is not a sexy subject.  Most of us think our homes are safe or at least as safe as most.  Why spend time and money fixing something that ain’t broke?  Likely your home is not “broken” for now.  You learn to avoid the hazards that you “see”, but in time your mobility, vision, hearing, cognitive and other senses will not be as sharp as they are now.  

Putting off preparation is another way of saying “A fall will not happen to me”. One trip to the emergency room will likely cost as much as several delayed safety improvements.  And, I am sure you will not forget that other “cost”, pain, and suffering.

I’m Safe At visitors, often have just had an accident and are searching for solutions. You need information, right now.  There are many great sources of information, this is one of them.

Hopefully, you have determined that home safety and aging in place are sexy.  Winning in at least two ways.  Time to make changes over a longer period and the opportunity to spread out expenses.  Planning to live or age in place takes just that, planning.   

My NEXT post begins now:

Desirable? No! - Avoidable? Yes

Accidents, Falls, Tripping, Pain, Death, Recovery, Hospitalization, Rehabilitation, Broken Bones, Head Injury – Desirable? No! – Avoidable? Yes!  

Why do we suffer through injury, pain and even death from home accidents?

There are many reasons, most of the reasons are avoidable for long periods of our lives.  Eventually, our bodies give up and there is not much that can be done about that.

What can we do to “extend your independence – Successfully Age In Place”?

The intent of my blogs are to build a foundation of actions – what we can and should do to minimize the “opportunity” for an accident, fall, tripping, pain, death, recovery, hospitalization, rehabilitation, broken bones or head injury to even occur.  

I am a specialist at home safety inspections and hazard resolutions.  If I conduct an inspection of your home, a detailed report and written resolutions list is prepared.  I offer guidance on who or what specialist should correct the hazards.  Follow up inspections are offered on a periodic basis to see if any new hazards have developed and that the previous corrections were effective.  

I live in the Hilton Head Island, SC/Savannah, GA area so offering home safety inspections only works for a small portion of our population.  So, why bring it up?

The value of a home safety inspection by a qualified specialist is critical for all the “accident” words listed in the heading of this blog.   

Falls and hospitalizations occur all the time.  Check out the CDC website for details.  Even if you believe “it won’t happen to me”, the likelihood is that you are going to fall and  be injured or worse.  It is just a matter of time and not “seeing” a hazard.  And if this is your “second” fall, the statistics are stack up against much of a future.

There is a reasonable chance that a home safety inspection and if the appropriate corrections are made, an accident caused by a hazard, did not have to happen.

Accidents, Falls, Tripping, Pain, Death, Recovery, Hospitalization, Rehabilitation, Broken Bones, Head Injury - Desirable? No! - Avoidable? Yes!

So, if you don’t live near Hilton Head Island, what are the home safety options?  Contact Age Safe® America for a specialist in your area.  Fill out the contact form in the lower right side of the page.

Other options are to perform the safety assessments yourself.  If this is your only option it’s better than nothing.  See my Age In Place website for do-it-yourself home safety inspections.


Keep reading my future posts as I review UD and aging in place solutions.

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